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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothy Lange

We at OOTTUM Fine Photography believe that you deserve only the finest collection of images from Your Day as it unfolds. We capture weddings in Toronto and all over the world. We approach each commission in a photo journalistic matter, but also take opportunities to create beautiful, intimate and modern portraits so you can enjoy an array of images that will last you a lifetime. We capture the essence of your day as a whole so you can remember the big moments and the little ones you might have missed. We want you to be able to take a step back and savour all of these moments.

We know your story will be there; all of the details, characters, emotions and beauty wrapped into Your Day. We don’t have to tell people what to do, or where to look. We won’t ask your family to hug you before you leave the house, because chances are, they’ll do it anyways and if they do, we’ll be there to try and capture it–unscripted. We understand that weddings have structure, but we also know that great things happen when they are unplanned; spontaneous, wonderful things. We simply try to capture what happens as they happen before our lenses.

How did you come up with your name?

It’s quite simple really. Jay asked for Joti’s hand in marriage atop a mountain in Queenstown, New Zealand. This is where they felt the most elevated not only literally, but in all parts of their souls. OOTTUM means ‘to elevate & to dignify’ in sanskrit. They made this promise to each other and now this is their promise to you.


Cinematography by: Instinct Video


We document ‘Love’ in all forms, but most of the time, it’s wrapped in emotions from your stories. Click on one of the four sections to see a collection of images from select stories we’ve captured. To see what we’ve been up to lately, head over to the Journal.


Here’s a little bit about us:

Her name is Joti and she’s the full-time primary photographer, designer and creative lead running OOTTUM Fine Photography. She’s a dog lover, a little shy sometimes, bibliophile, Wes Anderson fanatic, paper and pencil enthusiast, perfectionist with an architectural design education, loves a whiskey sour made right (yep…with the egg whites!) and craves all things sweet, is an eclectic clothes collector and loves working with her hands. (AKA: the dreamer)

I have watches, but I hardly wear them when I’m working. Moments can’t be timed and so I don’t stop working until I’ve captured all of the important ones and all of the ones in between. I’m an ALL-OR-NOTHING kinda woman and I truly believe that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. One of my professors in university told me that I have a flexible mind which allowed me to come up with some pretty abstract ideas. I just think it was his way of saying that I am a crazy person! We are human beings and we are meant to feel many emotions and experience several things. I just want to be there to capture as many of them as I can and make great friends along the way. Truly.”  — Joti.

His name is Jay and he’s the second shooter, assistant and the official guy that will make your kids smile here at OOTTUM Fine Photography. He’s a sports junkie, loves sparkling water, gadget guru, movie lover, has a traveler’s spirit and is an occupational therapist by day.
Oh, and he’s from New Zealand. (AKA: the realist)

Marjorie Pay Hinckley said, ‘The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.’ – that pretty much sums up everything I believe in, along with my love of food and meeting new people. Oh and I miss New Zealand ice cream. A lot.” — Jay.


We’re partners in life and in this little biz. We met online, got married a few years ago, enjoy each moment one breath at a time and can’t wait to capture your story!